Lawra-Zambo: Sungbawiara Foundation donates tree seedlings for woodlot development

Sungbawiera Foundation at Lawra-Zambo

Sungbawiara Foundation has provided 230 tree seedlings comprising Acacia, morenga, mango and cashew to the Zombo Primary & JHS in the Lawra Municipality of the Upper West Region. The donations is part of the phase IV of the organization’s self initiated GREENING UPPER WEST REGION Project, where trees with high economic value are made available to some selected communities and schools in the Wa West District,  Wa and Lawra Municipalities, respectively.

Zambo Primary & JHS has over the last three years been the project beneficiary of closed to 211 trees. The latest donations was as a result of the school and community’s ability to ensure 98% survival rate of the trees.

Speaking on behalf of the executive director of Sungbawiara Foundation, the project officer Mr. Zakaria Ghanamy Salhabil was full of appreciation to the chiefs, and people of Zambo and Zopaal for their show of leadership and community responsiveness in supporting developmental interventions.

He further underscored the significant role the pupils, students and teachers are playing to ensuring project sustainability.

He was particularly thankful to Mr. Koyiri Jacob ( Project Volunteer) for showing leadership and urged all young people in the community to draw inspiration from his sense of sacrifice.

The CEO of ideapath Consult who is a consultant to Sungbawiara Foundation schooled participants on the importance of trees and urged all to play their individual roles to safeguard the live of the trees.

He indicated, Upper West Region is part of the fragile Savannah ecological zone and for that matter, we must develop the culture of tree planting to reduce the vulnerability context of desertification.

He stressed that, in the mix of challenges, including lack of donor or partners, Sungbawiara Foundation is still committed to scaling up the project.

The lead voluntary mobilization officer, Mr. Koyiri Jacob receiving a bicycle and football on behalf of the school and the community project volunteer, recounted the tremendous contributions of Sungbawiara Foundation to the development of Zambo community. He indicated, the relationship started in 2006 and continue to grow stronger.

He concluded, that the community will never disappoint Sungbawiara Foundation and Zambo would be a model for the project. He assured.

The chiefs of Zambo and Zopaal including teachers and elders were full of praise to Sungbawiara Foundation for the interventions.

The cost of the seedlings is estimated at GH$2,500.00

For more information visit or Email:

Tahiru Lukman

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