Be Development Ambassadors: Nadowli-Kaleo Director of NCCE admonished People of Dapouri

NCCE Admonishes Residents of Dapouri to be Development Ambassadors

The Nadowli/ Kaleo District Director of NCCE Mr. Tambile Der Emmanuel has charged the good people of Dapuori community to be ambassadors of development, rather than remain silent and not focused on initiative and commitment that would propel their community to be counted among the lot.

He made this admonition during a Social Auditing Engagement forum organised by the Nadowli/ Kaleo District Directorate of the NCCE with funding support from the European Union on the 25th August, 2020. He was categorical that the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) would continue to empower the citizenry to become more development-oriented and play a critical role in their community development initiatives.

Mr. Tambile Der Emmanuel diffused the wrong perception that some Ghanaians often referred to projects as government projects and would not want to ask questions on the state of affairs. He quizzed them that ‘ if the government build a school for Dapuori and leave, whose children are to attend that school? By implying the ownership of projects surely is the ultimate beneficiary and we cannot continue to have a negative mindset on interventions that are geared towards enhancing our socio-economic parameters.

He noted that, if local communities do not formalize their demand and continue to act in isolation, duty bearers would equally not priotized our needs, after all, we don’t table our demand or demonstrate commitments to them our needs are indeed critical. The best way is to see yourself as ambassador to your community and the progress and transformation of your people and locality should be your significant contributions to them.
He was full of praise to the people of Dapouri community for always demonstrating the passion and commitment towards the activities of the District Directorate of the NCCE in terms of attendance to their meetings. He equally urged the five-member committee social auditing committee to serve their people with sincerity and sacrifice since it is a call for an act of volunteering and service to mankind. The NCCE Director was quick to add that, the Dapouri community must at all time tables their action plans and felt needs to duty bearers, including Non- Government Organisations (NGOs) and philanthropist.

Author; Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist, Dev’t Consultant & Pan- African Author
Tel: 0209154057 / 0551018778

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