Visual Artist Bids Maali Farewell with his Art

Reign Artist in Wa

“Women are the nourishing power of the Universe. Whoever has deep respect for women of the world, will remain free from diseases.” ― Amit Ray

Ghana most beautiful is a cultural pageantry program for the whole nation hosted by TV3. This year representative hails from Nandom, Upper West Region. Maali is the name.
In support of her struggle for queenship Reign Art Gh support her with a Canvas painting.
Reign Art Gh and Upper West will keep on supporting you even with the sad development. Keep pushing beyond boundaries and you will unveil in the future.
Abstracts on painting:
Canvas painting
Pop Art
Pop Painting.
Media: Acrilex on canvas
Size: 20 inches by 30 inches
Model: Maali ( GMB Upper West Region)
Brand: Reign Art Gh
Artist: Delay Y. Mathew
Manager: Delay Gifty
Creative director: Joel Yeng
P.R.O: Pascal Dekumnin.
Location: Mandela Junction. Wa
Contact: 0201396200/0544766239.
Social media handles: FB- Reign art Gh, IG- Reign_Art_Gh
Please enjoy, keep voting for Maali and keep sharing.
Thank You

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