Hamile Health Center lacks personnel

The Hamile Health Center

The Hamile Health Center, which is the biggest facility in the community, is suffering from
inadequate equipment and a critical lack of staff to provide quality health care to patients.
The facility could only boast of one or two professionals who also plays double roles at the health facility.
The health center needs a Pharmacy technician, Registered general nurses, Records Assistant, and a Nutrition officer. Mr. Isaac, the physician assistant of the health center told Rashid Minister Media in Hamile.
He said the health center has also been confronted with other key issues like renovation of the facility, more specifically the roof. It leaks and patients don’t always feel safe when it rains.
The facility also needs a modern incinerator because there is a kindergarten very close to the facility and he is always nervous about the kid’s health anytime they burn rubbish, the old incinerator is full and not safe.
He said that there is no road leading to the health center and that always makes it difficult for them in receiving their medical supplies on time, so it is also a major concern.A number of patients go to the health center every day.
The absence of modern machines among others had also put an additional cost and burden on patients who had traveled long distances to the facility only to be told to go to other health centers outside Hamile.
Mr. Isaac appealed to the Ghana Health Service (GHS), public-spirited individuals, DCE of Lambussie, and non-governmental organizations to help provide the right kind of machines and other equipment.
The GHS should also consider providing the health facility with the right caliber of medical
personnel for quality service delivery.
Mr. Isaac (PA) expressed that the poor wiring and leakage of the roof at the facility
always make patients feel uncomfortable anytime it rains. He believes strongly that, if these issues are critically looked at it will improve the health facility and encourage doctors and nurses to accept posting to the health center.
The PA was of the opinion that doctors and nurses posted to the facility would likely turn down the offer because of the lack of equipment and other critical issues.
He commended the district health director and some other individuals who have been coming to their aid.

Filed By: Abdul Rashid Issah

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