Wa Central: Hajia Humu Awudu’s Victory will Liberate Women, Youth from Political Bondage[Article]

Hajia Humu Awudu is the Parliamentary Candidate for Wa Central

The obsession of one being a PHD holder is not a guarantee for quality representation. While we must acknowledge and recognize individuals who strive in their academic laurels, it is not enough justification for politicians or sympathizers to brag with academic standard of their candidates. Being a Lawyer, a Medical Doctor, and a PHD or a Professor in your field of academic Enterprise doesn’t make you a suitable choice, the paper qualifications must be impactful in people’s lives and their communities.

It is sad to observe that, followers of some politicians are benchmarking their candidates academic achievement.

What is most important is how the PHD has impacted on electorates and constituents? PhD is an individual academic accomplishment and some people just acquire such qualifications by virtue of family economic background being buoyant and or political leadership. More shameful is the fact that, some people acquired PHDs by virtue of becoming MPs and that create more network to get brighter chances and accruing of resource.

We must reason beyond appreciating papers. It is better not to have someone represent you as a constituent, rather than have a long serve politician to go back to parliament without anything thing to show for. The irony of some reasoning behind a women Leadership is premature and unfortunate. Women are the source of life and so some constituencies such as Wa and Bawku central that have women political activist racing to represent their people, as they have demonstrated visionary leadership and development traits must be endorsed to actual the dream of securing the people’s mandate. The choice of Hon. Hajia Humu Awudu would change the narrative of how women and young people are often sabotaged, disregarded and looked down upon. She has in her first attempt as MP secured scholarship to 10 young people from Upper West Region to be trained as Doctor in Cuba.

Evidence and video in demand is there for authentication. While an MP for 16 years claimed to have trained 16 ghost doctor’s. We will continue to ask: where are our doctor’s? Women leadership is a platform for empowerment and mental emancipation. It becomes more convincing when the leader is visionary, focused and development oriented.

The choice of Hon. Hajia Humu Awudu is a mark of a new dawn and Wa central cannot be left behind. She has silence all critique and established an atmosphere of development mindset. We cannot continue to be recruited to sabotage the future of women, and young people in particular who will in their term benefit real leadership. To those who feels politicians are all corrupt, why then vote for someone to remain in power for two decades? It is better to vote for change, so every community or family will have trickle down effects of their leadership.

Political leadership cannot be a skin for one person who is self serving. Although l am not sympathizing with the ruling NPP, l have no regret to support a development minded candidate. I am positive Hon. Hajia Humu Awudu is a better choice. Wa central must vote for change. We deserve better!

Tahiru Lukman Youth Activist, Development Consultant & Pan- African Author Tel: 0209154057 Email: lukmantahiru@rocketmail.com

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