Nadowli-Kandomwini Road Flooded; One Person Rescued

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A Community Road linking Nadowli and Kandomwini in the Nadowli-Kaleo District has been blocked by water after a heavy downpour on the 11th of October 2020.

The development has prevented pedestrians from crossing over to their various destinations,  the Assembly man for Goriyiri-Kandomwini electoral area,  Mwinterebo Nestor said this hasn’t been the first time the Da-uri river has been a threat to lives of people, animals and crop production in the area.


Urgent Notice

The Kandomwine Da-uri river is over flooded again and the heavy water the comes is currently running across the road and all who use this road should be cautious.

The water picked a man with his motor bike after this evening heavy downpour at 4pm and he was fortunate we were around to rescue him. The road is almost chopping off. Spread this information to save a life. Attached is a picture and video of evidence.

Issued by;
Hon. Mwinterebo Nestor
Assembly member for Goriyiri electoral area


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