UW Media Awards Hardworking Individuals/Companies for 2020

Some Beneficiaries within Upper West

Upperwestmedia Team has issued four honorary Awards to Individuals and Companies in Upper West.

The honorary Awards targeted best Public Sector Worker In the Region, Best Female Entrepreneur, Best Incumbent Metropolitan, Municipal or District Chief Executive and Best Conglomerate. With all these Categories, Mr Mohammed Gado Sidiki was Selected based on merit as best Public Sector Worker in Upper West for the year 2020.

Mr. Gado is a Regional Human Resource Manager with Ghana Education Service and Has Served in that Position for Over a Decade.

Reasons for His Award.

Some Achievements Noticed
1. Human Resource Conflict Management in the Education Sector.
2. Ensuring Performance and Reward is awarded to deserving staff.
3. Strategic human Resource Management and Avoidance of Nepotism.

The Best Female Entrepreneur Went to Dr. Darimani Hamidatu, Chief Executive Officer of Real Spicy Foodies Restaurant in Wa Municipality, She was awarded based on several Observations by Upperwestmedia Team

Some Achievements Noticed
1. Creating More Employability Skills through youth Engagement in Food and Nutrition
2. Reshaping Society through Formal Education
3. Carrying out Corporate Social Responsibilities(Donation to the RCC Amidst Covid-19).

Best Incumbent MMDCE Award Went to Municipal Chief Executive Isshahaku Tahiru Moomin after several observations:

Some Achievements Noticed
1. Reshaping Roads within Nucleated Settlements
2. Development and Expansion of the Central Market
3. Maintenance of Street Electrification and Demarcations
4. Reshaping Some Basic Schools in Deprived Areas(Gurimuni, etc).

Best Private Conglomerate Award went to Alhaji Tanko Amadu of  T.A Tanko Company in Upper West. The Award was issued based on several observations.

Some Achievements Noticed
1. Relaxed Economic growth through flexible payment systems and consult
2. Creating More Job Avenues for the Youth
3. Executing Corporate Social Responsibilities(Donations).

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