Wa: Camboo Rider Assaulted over a Married Woman

Alhassan Adams was Assaulted in Wapaani

A Bajaj Camboo tricycle rider in Wa Municipality has been Assaulted Physically in Wapaani, a suburb of Wa Township.

According to Adams Alhassan from Dorimon in Wa West District, he gave the lady a lift on Friday 2nd October 2020, as the tricycle begun moving, he(Alhassan) Asked the lady where she(Sahada) was heading to and she said she had no place to stay and as a result was going no where, she asked to spend the night with tricycle rider as the door to their family house would have been lock as at the time she went on board the tricycle.

The Tricycle rider took him home and she spent the night in his house alongside his brother making them three in the room, the next day, 2nd October 2020. The lady was later in the day tasked by her husband to send him to where she spent the night and as a result he was sent to Alhassan’s place of residence in Wapaani at about 22:00GMT on the 3rd of October 2020, Alhassan was beaten mercilessly with some weapons including a cutlass, a brick also used on the victim’s head by Sahada’s husband(Alilu).

This resulted in the issue being sent to the Wa Regional Police Headquarters to be addressed and as a result Alilu was detained pending further investigations.

Alhassan was later sent to the Wa Municipal Hospital for Medical Attention.

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