UW NPP’s Communications Director Attacked by Robbers

Mr. Bukari Ali is the Regional Communications Director of NPP

The Communication Director of New Patriotic  Party (NPP) in the Upper West Region has been shot by armed men while returning from a campaign tour of the Wa West Constituency in the region.

Ali Bukari, who is currently receiving treatment at the Upper West Regional Hospital, was shot twice at his back after he refused to stop, reports Asaase Radio’s Upper West Regional correspondent, Ibrahim Muniru.The incident, he said, occurred on Sunday (8 November 2020) around 5pm between Poyentanga and Bulinga in the Wa West Constituency on the Wa-Kumasi road.

Bukari said he is responding to treatment.“The Wa West Campaign team and I went to Balawa from Siruu and a group of three men and i went to another town, we encountered a group of robbers that had already accosted a car, I don’t know what happened to the car,” Bukari told Asaase Radio. He added: “They stopped me, the moment started slowing, they shot from the rear and the other one came from the front and ordered me to stop and pointed a gun and shot. So, I stopped and then he cocked again and triggered the gun and I gathered courage and sped away and some of the bullet hit me from the back. They have just taken x-ray so l am waiting for the professionals to tell me what is happening to me, as you can see, I am stable.

Filed by : Muniru Ibrahim/Asaase Radio

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