Lawra: Anthony Karbo Drafts Message to Constituents

Message from Anthony Karbo

The New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate for Lawra Constituency, Anthony Nyo-Abayifaa Karbo has drafted a message to his constituents after his loss in the december 7th 2020 elections.

The Lawmaker weeks to the elections accused his constituency chairman of campaigning against him over a long lasting grudge amongst them which wasn’t resolved, according Mr. Karbo, the Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Donkor, used the party’s vehicle around polling stations where he campaigned against him, this resulted in the Lawmaker seizing the the party’s vehicle through party boys who were assigned to go for the vehicle from the chairman.

Mr. Karbo won the elections in 2016 after contesting the Former MP who went independent, Mr. Samson Abu and the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, Bede Ziedeng, Mr Karbo Came out successful and was appointed deputy minister for Roads and Highways.

Mr. Anthony Karbo later in 2020 lost to Bede Ziedeng, the NDC Parliamentary candidate for Lawra.

2020 Results for Lawra Constituency

Anthony Karbo (NPP) – 11, 158

Bede Ziedeng (NDC) – 14, 126


Source: Opera News Ghana

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