Lawra: Lawyer Bede Ziedeng Reacts to First Time Victory

Lawmaker for Lawra Constituency, Bede Ziedeng

The National Democratic Congress(NDC) Parliamentary candidate of the Lawra constituency, Mr. Bede Ziedeng through his constituency communication Officer, Aloysius Daanoma has released a statement expressing how he feels to be elected as lawmaker for the first time in Lawra Constituency.


From a thankful heart I do express my profound gratitude to the cherished Constituents of the Lawra Constituency for electing me as their representative to the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

I am greatly touched by the solidarity shown by members, supporters, sympathizers and well-wishers of our great party, the National Democratic congress (NDC) in the turn out of the General Elections of 7th December, 2020 and massively voting for H.E John Dramani Mahama and I to win the presidential and parliamentary elections in the constituency.

I am indeed overwhelmed with joy and due respect for the love and support that I have received from you during the engagements I have had with you during my campaign for your votes culminating in the resounding victory which was chalked.

I take this opportunity sincerely to thank all of you for this kind gesture.

I must admit that, without your deep love for me and the confidence in me that I can be a capable and worthy representative in Parliament to articulate issues that will inure to our benefit as a people, my aspirations would have ended in a maze.

I am particularly indebted to the Constituency Executives, Zonal Executives, Polling Station Executives, the Campaign Manager and Members of the Campaign Team the rank and file of the party, the foot soldiers and many other people who in diverse ways and in the quiet fought the cause of our great party and ensured that we won a decisive victory. I am not oblivious of the intimation, harassment, physical attacks, verbal abuse and the various forms of underhand influences that some of you suffered in the bid to persuade you not to vote for the NDC.

On behalf of H.E John Mahama and on my own behalf I wish to extend to you sincere appreciation of defying the odds that enabled the NDC to regain the Parliamentary seat of the Lawra Constituency. In the not too distant future I will meet some of you and tour all the zones to personally thank you.

In the meantime may I urge all of you to remain steadfast and resolute as you have always been legitimately protecting and defending our hard won victory.

May I also take this opportunity to thank our main rivals, Hon. Anthony Karbo and members of the Lawra constituency branch of the New Patriotic Party for giving us a good run for our money

With the elections over I, on behalf of our great Party, extend a hand of friendship to them and request them to team up with us to develop our beloved constituency.

Though I campaigned on the platform of the NDC, my beloved Party, I assure all our Constituents that I will conduct my duties as MP to all in the municipality

We must come together to make Lawra Constituency great and prosperous for all its people.

Let’s have a place in our hearts for one another and put the ills of the intense campaign behind us and rather promote our goals of development for our people

Once more, my sincere thanks and appreciation to you all.

​​May God bless all of us!!”

Source: Opera News Ghana

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