Wa West: Connect us to Jambusi Water System – Assemblyman tells Gov’t

File Photo

The Assembly Member for Dorimon Electoral Area, Braimah Christopher has appealed to the government of Ghana to connect all communities in his Electoral Area to the Jambusi Water System. The Assembly Member was speaking in relation to the challenges people of his electoral area through in accessing potable drinking water.

He expressed concerns over the difficulties peoples of the electoral area go through in accessing potable water. He said even though the land is bless with water resources, the inhabitants finds with it uneasy assuaging their thirst. The Assembly Member narrated that Dassayiri, an old historical community in the electoral area till today has no source of good drinking water apart from dams and streams.

Mr Braimah further stated that while some of the communities have single boreholes, their overwhelming numbers overburden those boreholes. He added that the few boreholes break down intermittently causing people to drink from streams. Mr Braimah noted that attempts to get water for some communities were boomeranged by low water tables.

Mr Braimah also added that the situation is not different in the Dorimon Township itself. He, however, said they are working to repair the broken-down boreholes.


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