Wa: AiNET undertakes it first recruitment engagement

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The event that is currently going on is part of AiNET quest to propel business development in the region. Small business equally face the challenge of not getting the right human resource or personal resource to work with.

This led to a lot of businesses initiative collapsing at the early stages. AiNET, an NGO operating in the municipality, has made it known that no SME under it’s watch will fall for the next 30 to forty years.

In relation to this, has accepted an offer to make recruitment for an E-Bannking organization that needs the right human resource to work with.
Understanding the nature of the E-Banking Job, AiNET has made it part of it’s responsible to continued the recruitment for the said organization for the next four years, as agreed. With AiNET, our success is the translation of success in our partners businesses. “We offer them at the price they can afford, ” the Manager noted.
The Director of the NGO, Mr. A.G. Naeem Ahmed said the ongoing recruitment exercise is targeted to offer support for DODOSON VENTURES, who has a net worth of about GHC500,000 and is willing to open employment opportunity for natives of the region and beyond.
The deficit of effective management of business and quality human resource sourcing has been a challenge for upcoming businesses in the region, AiNET observed. This deficit is our call to action.
For this initial recruitment will continue for about two days.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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