Wa: BUSOTA, Ideapath Consult Empower Women with Soap Making Skills

Soap Making Workshop

The skill Care Project is an initiative of BUSOTA. The project targets to train 500 women in liquid soap and hand sanitizer production in the Upper West Region.

The rationale for the project is to empower women with employable skills in the area of business entrepreneurship while in the same vain provide them the ability to produce detergents for the household. The project had been launched in the Wa Municipality on the 6th February, 2021. Phase I of the project had 20 women trained in liquid soap making. They were selected from Nayiri, Kabanye, Kpaguri and Dokpong, all suburbs of the Wa Municipality.
The programme had been coordinated by Tahiru Lukman Chief Executive Officer of Ideapath Consult who doubled as the Consultant to BUSOTA. He facilitated the mobilization of the women entrepreneurs, venue and logistics for the training workshop. He had laisse with the Hon. Assemblyman for Nayiri/ Fifamuni Electoral Area Hon. Hamidu Minkailu Yakubu Silinba to identify women with high economic prospects for the training workshop.
The resource persons for the programme was Zuuri Millicent (Mrs) Managing Director of BRICENT. She facilitated the training process (the production of liquid soap). She began with presentations and identification of ingredients for the soap production. In the practical session, she presented a step-by-step process leading to the production of liquid soap.
The women had been taken through four sessions; first been business modeling- emphasizing how their businesses could be registered and branded to enhancing customer attraction and satisfaction. Session two was on theoretical presentations with session three been practical sessions. The fourth session was networking. Participants engaged in informal conversations, interactions, and exchange of contacts for better engagement.
The project would yield significant result because the 20 beneficiary women had the entrepreneurial ability and demonstrated good knowledge and understanding of the training sessions We, therefore, remain positive that, beneficiary women would leverage the skills acquired given the liquid soap productions to engage in not only production for household use, rather for commercial use.
More so, the fighting against the COVID- 19 pandemics would see a significant boost as women will be able to produce liquid soap for handwashing purposes. The project – did not only empower women with employable skills, rather facilitated easy access and step stop-gap for the demand for liquid soap that had become so high concerning the need for regular handwashing.
Also, in attendance was Mr. Alhassan Inusah Agambire The Team Leader of Toilet Engineers also used the opportunity to admonished women on the need to keep good hygiene, especially owning and using a household toilet. Also present was a young IT specialist Yussif Alhassan who was taking notes and photography. The training workshop lasted for three hours, with the beneficiary women given copies of the training manuals and 0.5 Liters of bottled liquid soap that had been produced from the training workshop.
BUSOTA, hope to significantly contribute to women empowerment initiatives given the skill care project in the Upper West Region. It is therefore our fervent hopes that partners would come on board to help our outfit expand the projects to all parts of the Upper West Region. Visit our website : http://www.busotahgh.com or Email: busotagh@gmail.com or contact Tel: : +233 (0) 546495307 / +233 (0) 209154057 for more information.

Author; Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist, Dev’t Consultant & Pan-African Author
Email: lukmantahiru@rocketmail.com
Tel: 0209154057 / 0551018778

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