U/W: Price of Cement Up by Over 10% in 3 Months

Price of Cement has Shot Up Lately

Prices of several items and building materials have shot up Patel in Upper West leaving people in the State of Wonder.

Some factors people attributed to the issue was the fact that borders have been closed and that son of these items are brought into the region through ECOWAS protocols.

Price of Cement was at 39 in October 2020 but shot up to Ghc41 in January, it went further up to Ghc42 but settled at Ghc46 in February.

Some construction experts including Titus Namane have attributed it to Demand and Supply factors and called for regulation of the prices.

Price of 2 by 7 wood in Wa also shot Up from Ghc38 to Ghc45 in the Matter of 2 Months.

Several Economic factors such as exchange rate have also been blamed on the increase in prices but were termed as unrealistic as the products are fully made and produced in Ghana.

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