U/W: Assembly Man in Wa West Writes to DCE

Wa West DCE with other Lobis

Access to water at Bankpama Electoral Area has become a privilege rather than a right as the people in the Electoral Area resort to rivers and streams to access water for domestic purposes such as drinking and cooking.

The Assembly Member of the Electoral Area, James Awula revealed he expressed this concern to the Assembly.

He said some communities do not have sources of water such as borehole while those communities that have the boreholes they have been broken down. Mr Awula and other members of the Electoral Area shared their frustrations with regards to the development.

They also raised concern about the poor state of education in the Bankpama community. They said the only school in the community lacks furniture.

On health, the residents noted that pregnant women and children could only access quality health care services at Wechiau which was several kilometres away from the community

The people thus appealed to the government through the District Chief Executive, Mr. Edward Labiir and non-governmental organisations to come to their aid to help alleviate their challenges.

Bankpama is located in the Wa West District of Upper West Region.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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