Sissala West: Game and Wild Life Division Empowers Community Resource Management Team Leaders with Leadership and Managerial Skills

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The leadership of Sissala Kasena Fraah a community resource management Area Concept were taken through a capacity building on leadership and managerial skills by the Game and Wild Life Division of the Forestry Commission of Ghana.

The event happened at the Sissala East Municipal Assembly Conference Hall and on the 12th February, 2021.

In attendance at the event were about 20 participants  who were taken through leadership and managerial skills such as timely communication, team building risk taking,others,innovation,creativity,positivity,inclusiveness,honesty,empathy,patience,active listening, reliability and dependability etc

The short but impactful event brought together the various leaders made up of the CREMA Executive Committee members and Community Resource Management Committee members and the media.

According to the organizers of the event and represented by the led trainer who is also the Regional Manager for Wildlife Division of Forestry Commission in the person of Mr.Joseph Binlinla, he recounted that,somewhere getting to the end of last year 2020,there was an attempt to socially include grassroots or community participation in the management of Natural Resources in their areas, hence Wildlife management systems have been developed to ensure a more active participation of local communities ,civil society groups, and other stakeholders in Wildlife and Natural Resource management in Ghana hence Community Resource Management Area(CREMA) and Protected Area Management Advisory Board(PAMAB) and thus inaugurated the leadership of CREMAas well as presentation of certificate authenticating the local body legally by the forestry Commission in the Sissala Kasena enclave dabbed ‘’Sissala Kasena Fraah’’.

Mr.Joseph Binlinla elaborated more on the concept of the CREMA by educating participants on what the acronym CREMA stands for ‘’Community Resource Management Area A community Resource Management Area is a geographically defined are or location that includes one or more communities that have agreed to manage their natural resources in a sustainable manner’’ He disclose the rational for the formation of the CREMA such as the following; Securing habitats, protecting endangered species and other resources, Improving livelihood and human wellbeing, Sustainable use of Natural Resources and poverty reduction, Strengthening  democratization and accountability at all levels ,Strengthening local economies and diversifying income at all household levels, Establishing a congruency of socio-political ,economic and ecological interest etc.

Then again, the facilitator added that ,CREMA or Sissala Kasena Fraah was born when 23 communities among the Sissala and Kasena tribe voluntarily came together to form the Sissala Kasena Fraah. These people also enacted their bye-laws and got them gazetted with the support of the Sissala East Municipal Assembly in consultation with traditional authorities and other stakeholders.

It is against this backdrop that, Wildlife Division being brain behind CREMA empower the leadership of Sissala Kasena Fraah to enable them effectively discharge their duties and see to the smooth working of the body.

A session was given for questions and answers where participants had clarifications to issues raised and had been bordering their work.

Source: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

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