High prices of Some Goods and Other Items in Wa

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Wa is known for its business nature and its harmonious environment, the prices of items have slightly shot up due to several factors including human preference, seasonal activities and small scale mining.

Some of these items that have shot up in prices include:

1. Eggs: a crate of egg has moved from Ghc18 to Ghc26 in a fortnight. This has compelled people who fry them to increase the price of one from Ghc1 to Ghc1.50.

The farmers have explained that its as a result of high cost of feed. A bag of maize has risen from Ghc120 per bag to Ghc160 per bag in Wa and its surrounding areas.

2. Cement: the Price of Cement has shot up thrice from Ghc39 to Ghc42 and now the least price you can get it is Ghc48. This hike according to development consultants is as a result of new building as projects in place across the Region.

Construction has taken the largest portion of pieces of Land in Wa as 40 Buildings are erected in a week.

3. Water: Cost of Sachet water has since been sold at Ghc3.50 per bag in Wa not withstanding the over 30 producers in the town. The development started in 2018 and water was nearly sold at Ghc0.30 per sachet but due to persistent rejection of new price by a company called 99 ice, prices had become stable.

4. Motorbikes: prices of motorbikes have been inflated beyond comprehension in Wa. Motorbikes including Luojia Was sold at Ghc 3, 400 lately but has now shot up to Ghc4, 300, meaning an adjustment of Ghc900

Haujue 110-3 was beinv sold at Ghc4, 500 on 2020 but has shot up to Ghc5, 500 which means an extra Ghc1, 000 has been placed on its previous price. Apsonoc 125-30 which was sold at Ghc 4, 200 is now sold at Ghc 5, 100.

Bajaj Tricycle which was sold at Ghc12, 000 is now sold at Ghc15, 000. Apsonic Tricylce is now being sold at Ghc9, 200 in Wa.

5. Nose Masks: A single Nose Mask Goes for Ghc2 in Wa whereas its being sold at Ghc 1 in other areas of the country.

Source: Opera News Ghana

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