Rev. Father Writes to Nadowli Assembly

Fr. Kpiebaya wrote to the Nadowli Assemby

A Reverend Father , Aloysius Kpiebaya who doubles as a Teacher has written to his district assembly bemoaning the deplorable nature of some roads in the community, according to him, the have challenges accessing the Sankana, Gyilli, Takpo and Nanvilli sections of the district’s roads when it rains. He pleaded to the Assembly to address the issue before the rains start.


“This is kankanzie stream (river) linking nadowli through kaabogi to nator, takpo, nanvilli and eventually to kaleo and wa. this is in the nadowli-kaleo constituency in the upper west region. our annual predicament has just began again with the start of serious rains in the area. the situation will be worse come august and september. every year this i what the people in this area go through. precious lives are lost here every year. farm products and property are equally lost every year.

i had to take a risk today, left my motor bike by the river and walked through the water to the next community called sigiduori for a funeral mass.

on behalf of the people in and aroun the area, i humbly appeal to the ghana government, and especially to the president of ghana to come to our aid, to bridge this river for use in the raining seasons. it is one of our major roads linking the constituency to the regional capital. bridging it will also save lives and property.

i hope this humble plea to the president would meet his kindest heart. god bless you.

Rev. Fr. Aloysius Kpiebaya, on behalf of the people.”

Source: Opera News Upper West

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