Jirapa: At least build a Kindergarten for us – Doggoh residents to Gov’t

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Residents of Doggoh, a community in the Kunzokala Electoral Area of the Jirapa Municipality have appealed to the Jirapa Municipal Assembly and the government to at least build a Kindergarten for the community.


A resident of the community, Bagooro Alfred said this has become necessary to end the situation where children have been traveling long distances and crossing deadly rivers to access education.


He bemoaned the challenges their children go through to access basic education, saying that, the community has no school thereby compelling children to walk several kilometers to access basic school education at the Kunzokala.


He narrated how children are forced to swim across rivers to attend school. “If it rains in the morning and a child has not yet gone to school, he automatically absents himself or herself from school. Likewise, if it rains when a child is at school, he or she cannot return home,” he narrated.


Mr Bagooro observed that, some truant children play at the middle of the road while waiting for school to close, a phenomenon he described as worrying to parents.


A woman resident, Madam Cecelia Bellintaa also said that the lack of school has resulted in the late enrollment of children in school.


She added that the situation has prevented children of school-going age, at the Kindergarten level from enrolling in school. “We are unable to enroll our children in school at age 4 because they cannot walk, talk less of swimming to school at that age,” Madam Cecelia explained.


Madam Cecelia noted that the establishment of a Kindergarten would be a great relief to mothers since they can always live their children at school and freely go about their daily routines.

Source: Info Radio

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