Women in Wa raise concerns over untold hardships, owing to joblessness

Wa Market

A cross-section of women in Wa have raised concerns over what they described as untold hardships on their lives due to joblessness and high cost of living.

They said the unforgiving destitution on their lives is largely due to lack of capital to establish themselves in petty jobs to help sustain their lives.

Speaking in an interview with Info News Radio, Madam Mary, a mother of seven and a resident of Wapaani, a surburb of Wa, said women in the Wa municipality have been going through agony in the daunting task of taking care of their family daily needs.


She called on the government to support women with credit facilities to aid them establish small businesses in order to support themselves and their families.


She added that some women are the bread winners of their families with no meaningful engagement to earn them the needed financial cushioning to meet the demands.


Madam Rita, another resident of Wa could not understand why Ghanaian citizens have to elect leaders every four years who do not serve their needs, since no positive change takes effect in their conditions and situation.

She further added that most of the youth are idling in unemployment and abusing their lives in substance use, which destroys their lives.

Wa is the Wa Municipal District and Upper West Regional capital, a populated and predominantly business town. Historically, Wa has been inhabited for several hundred years, by traders who settled in Wa to participate in the trans-Saharan trade. Wa also holds the mortal remains of Babatu, a notorious raider well known for his raids in Upper West region during the late 18th and early 19th century.

Source: Info Radio 91.1FM

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