Rotation Nurses Allowance Not Paid – Beneficiary Explains Struggle

File Photo

A trained Nurse Going through National Service in Upper West Region has stated that allowances of rotation nurses haven’t been paid.


December 2020 and February 2021 batch of rotational nurses can’t actually point out the wrongs they have done to this country. Being in service for 8 and 6 months respectively without allowances is quite stressful and discomforting.
Let’s look at these;
1. We go to work with hunger
2. We owed our landlords
3. Water and electricity bills are issues
4. Transportation to our various facilities for work hasn’t been left out
5. We cloth our bodies too and not forgetting we equally assess health services.
How do you expect us do all these without our allowances? Remember after completion we haven’t gotten opportunities to work else where for monies before this mandatory national service.
We kept quiet all this while believing that government would have acted upon their responsibilities but never the less all indications shows that they aren’t ready until they hear and see us on the street demonstrating.
We’re appealing to government to help us complete our service successfully by paying us our allowances.


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