How Former Wa MCE Succeeded in Ending 4 health Challenges in Wa

The Former MCE for Wa Municipality, Hon. Issahaku Nuhu Putieha

The Wa Municipal hospital formerly Wa Regional hospital in 2014 had several records of Cholera and Malaria with most cases turning into death reports, at least 10 people died weekly due to cases including being exposed to horrendous environmental factors including stagnant waters breeding Mosquitoes as a result of the open drainage system,  poorly managed within Urban settlements in the Wa Municipality,  Most families directed their Bath house disposers outside and mostly directed towards ‘nowhere’ this resulted in water getting stagnant and breeding health complications within town settlements, open defecation was common with kids doing it openly due to lack of toilet facilities in some areas including areas like Wa-Duori. Meanwhile in the Same Year,  UNICEF had made arrangements to reduce open defecation in Upper West Region.

The fettle was directed to The Wa Municipal Assembly headed by Mr. Isshaku Nuhu Putieha in partnership with the Ghana Health Service to take necessary measures in order to address the growing concern.

Former Wa Municipal Chief Executive on the Ticket of the NDC,  Hon. Issahaku Nuhu Putieha by then through the Environment Office of the Assembly headed by Mr. George Arthur initiated the Open drainage system,  the system demanded that all households direct waste water from their bath houses into a Open drainage hole with stones in order to get the water beneath,  the system was proposed and implemented because it gives no room for water to get stagnant for mosquitos to breed,  it also allowed no room for water to rest on the top of the soul after people had had their bath.

Secondly,  the Assembly Organized A cleaning exercise championed by the then Municipal Chief Executive during every first Saturday of the Month to ensure a waste free municipality. The MCE had explained that the decision was necessary because Cholera was gradually becoming a household name and he sought to use such an initiative to curb the menace before it causes havoc within the township. The Upper West Region was adjudged the cleanest Region to that effect.

Finally,  The MCE noted that the Number of Health workers within most facilities was low and not encouraging so he requested for a health training school to be established in Wa Municipality to train more health workers in order to fill the gaps of understaffing in most health facilities in Wa and Upper West Region at large,  as a Result,  the Nursing Training College located at Kperisi was built.

The Former Municipal Chief Executive is Currently the Regional Organizer for the National Democratic Congress and a Project Manager.


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