Lawra: We are still living in fear and panic – Residents of Babile

Public Relations Officer for Upper West Regional Police Command, Chief Inspector Gideon Ohene Boateng

Information from Police of the Babile station had it that some anonymous characters suspected to be armed robbers had planned to carrying out an operation in Babile weeks ago, some residents have told that they still feel scared and are on tender hooks.

According to residents of Babile in the Lawra Municipality, on Wednesday 4th August 2021, Police Personnel from the Babile station were moving around the town informing all residents especially shop owners to close early because the Lawra Divisional Police Commander informed them that some unknown persons had threatened to attack and rob in Babile from 8pm.

Residents who said they were frightened with the news, all went indoors by 8pm on the said day.

” I was extremely scared. I nearly lost my soul at that moment when there was a blackout in Babile that same night. The robbery attack did not happen that day and there hasn’t been any since then but we don’t feel safe. We are living in absolute fear and panic because we do not know when and how these criminals will be here”. Said a resident.

Another resident narrated that “I was in my shop when a friend called me. She asked me to quickly close my shop and rush home for my safety. Her explanation was that, the Babile Police advised her together with other shop owners in their vicinity to do same because armed robbers were going to be in town here to operate. I was very much frightened. I quickly closed my shop and rushed home. All shops in Babile were virtually closed at 8pm. The whole town was in suspense. We call on the police and other security agencies to strengthen security in Babile”.

Babile is a major business hub in the Lawra Municipality and the entire.
Usually, shops in Babile do not close early but threat of armed robbery attack has changed the narrative as shops now close very early.


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