The reinstatement of Chairman Donkor was a party decision – S. B. Kangberee

Upper West Regional NPP Chairman, S.B Kangberee

The Upper West Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Saanbaye Basilde Sitaalde Kangberee, has stated that the decision to reinstate the suspended Lawra Constituency Chairman of the party, Chairman Muhammed Donkor, was one taken by the party and not a unilateral decision taken by his good self as the Regional Chair.

According to him, the same Constituency and Regional executives who initially took the decision to suspend Chairman Donkor are those same officers who again arrived at the decision to reinstate the suspended Chairman as the NPP’s Lawra Constituency Chair after careful analysis of taking of stock of the 2020 elections.

Anthony Karbo(Left), Alhaji Mohammed Donkor(Right)

He claimed even though he was against the decision to have the Chairman suspended from the party prior to the elections because he thought it was unwise to do so at that time despite the fact that the suspension was the right thing to do per the Constitution, the other executives believed the suspension was even the surest way to retain the seat for the party.

To Dr. Kangberee, affectionately called the Heavyweight Chairman, there are exceptional cases where it is unwise taking certain party decisions even though that decision would be supported by the Constitution of the party.

It will be recalled that Chairman Donkor was suspended by the party, acting on a petition, in the run up to the 2020 general elections after he was accused of sabotaging the campaign of the then Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Candidate of the NPP, Abeifaa Karbo.

Speaking at the recent Constituency Delegates Conference in the Lawra Municipality on Thursday, August 26, 2021, Chairman Dr. S. B. Kangberee bemoaned the refusal of some aggrieved Constituency Executives to attend the Constituency Delegates Conference whom he alleged did everything possible to discourage delegates from attending the event through the media.

Expressing dismay over the refusal of the First Vice Constituency Chair of the party, Alhaji Ibrahim Zakariah and some key officers of the party to attend the delegates conference, the retired lecturer said the attitude of some self-centered executives of the party is what is hampering the growth of the NPP in the constituency.

He noted that greed is partly to be blamed for the woes of the NPP in the Lawra Constituency.

While commending the delegates present for exhibiting bravery and loyalty to the party by attending the event amid the alleged sabotage, Chairman Kengbere noted that the event could not take place as earlier scheduled due to the activities of some party people whom he described as traitors, liars, cheaters and greedy people.

“It should have taken place a few days back but traitors, liars, cheaters, greedy people who believe that if they’re not sitting in the chair, the function should not come on.

“They even tried discouraging people from patronizing the event through the media. Those (delegates) who have come are the brave ones, the truthful ones, the faithful ones who have defied the naysayers, the liars, who have come here, ” he lambasted.

He discolsed the NPP in the constituency has been divided into factions and that he is one who has been wrongly accused of creating a faction, and nonetheless, expressed his commitment to always stand for the truth and favour the truth regardless of who is involved.

He wondered why some disgruntled party executives opted against attending the event which was a Constitutionally mandated event and not one organized by either he, the Regional Chair or Chairman Donkor.

Source: Tungsung Radio 97.3FM

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