Under no Circumstances will NPP win the seat of Jirapa – Richard Kuunaah

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Former NDC  Parliamentary Aspirant  for the Jirapa constituency, Richard Kuunaah has said the dream by the NPP in Jirapa to “break the 8” and snatch the Jirapa seat from the NDC come 2024 is nothing less than building castles in the air.

On Monday 23rd August, 2021, the NPP Upper West Regional Women Organizer, Diana Puopelle speaking at the Jirapa constituency edition of the NPP annual constituency delegates Conference urged party members to forgive one another and work in unity to be able to maintain power in the next general election. She also encouraged that, with the power of unity, the party could claim the Jirapa from the NDC come 2024.

But speaking to http://www.sirdicey247.wordpress.com, Richard rubbished that dream that “Under no circumstances will NPP get Jirapa seat”.

Explaining his point, he said “I respect Diana’s womanhood and political participation but unity among them alone cannot make them win the Jirapa seat in Parliament.The NPP is a failed governing party to Jirapa constituency and Ghana at large.
They failed and denied us of our one-village-dam (1V1D). One of the supposed 1V1Ds has been turned into a dugout between Zakpaayiri, Zaghe, Konkuo and Gyimani communities.
They also failed to fulfill their promise of $1,000,000 per constituency.
They have denied us of our Zongo development funds from 2017 to 2020.
They have gone further and denied us our 1 District 1 factory (1D1F).
Our planting for food and jobs has been poorly implemented in the Municipality!
The so call year of roads had been turned to a year of looting and sharing for political gain”.

“The failure to fulfill these promises and several others coupled with the attitude of corruption from their president streaming down to various districts and municipalities is the hindrance to their way to Parliament and fall from the seat of Presidency come 2024”.

“I shall come down to demand accountability on all above stated policies if they think we have not been denied of our rights to the development of the Municipality” He dared.

Mr. Kuunaah added that
“The people of Jirapa as discerning as they are will not be ready for any unity that will be inimical to the the entire development of Jirapa. We are aware of their [NPP] principle of stealing, snatching and killings for power like what happened in Techiman south and other constituencies. Their strategy to unite with the discerning people of Jirapa  come 2024 to win the Parliamentary seat is a fallacy.
We are more than waiting for them at the 2024 polls.
No matter how they unite, our constituency executives and branch executives can do more than them “.

The performance of the NPP in Jirapa constituency in the last parliamentary and presidential election was abysmal. The NDC’s John Mahama enjoyed 26,239 while the NPP’s Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo secured 6,699 votes.
In the Parliamentary election, Honourable Paul Derigubaa who represented the NPP was mercilessly defeated by the NDC’s Candidate. He garnered 9,366 votes while Honourable Cletus enjoyed 25,175 votes.

Source: Sirdicey247.wordpress.com

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