Dery is influencing the rejections of Jirapa MCE nominee – NDC Pundit

Madam Christine Amadu(Left), Mr. Paul Derigubaa (Right)

Yabang S.N. Berthrand, a youth of Jirapa and member of the National Democratic Congress has pointed accusing fingers at Honourable Paul Derigubaa, the 2020 Parliamentary Candidate for the NPP in Jirapa over the two-time rejection of Honourable Christine Bombanye Amadu as Municipal Chief Executive for Jirapa. According to him, what is happening in Jirapa is not ordinary.
“Dery (Honourable Paul Derigubaa) is showing what he can do. He was given the opportunity to handpick all the government appointees (16) so he has a lot control. He joined the NPP and he became powerful and struggled to get the MCE out of office during (the 2020) election period. He (referring to Honourable Paul) is alleged to be paying a loosing bonus to Assemble members”. He alleged on social media.

“Look, with Hon. Deriguba within your mids, that party ,(NPP) will never know peace.
Deriguba want a comeback and some selfish individuals want to occupy positions in the NPP after the election that is coming up so this NO vote is a party issue. Let’s remember that the assembly is not NPP head office.The few assembly members who think you are loyal to him should be careful.” He warned.

He took a sharp swipe at the Assembly members that
“Few greedy dishonourable assembly members.
The assembly members are over hyping themselves on this issue.
Some of you voting NO used to have your breakfast, lunch in this woman’s house. She supported most of you to win this elections (District Assembly elections) but because she couldn’t give some request, you are doing this. Why? Honourable members, you have one more chance. Do your own individual thinking or else we will never forgive you people if you allow Regional Minister to rule us for this three years.
My respect to the majority who are positive in their mind set.”

He called out that “Assembly members should seriously take a look at what they are doing. You can’t keep the whole municipality waiting. We want them to sit down as a party and resolve this issue or else the Regional Minister minister will rule our municipality for the next three years. The few of you listening to Dery and some few greedy individuals who want positions in NPP in the constituency elections, why can’t you use this opportunity to lobby for somethings needed in your electoral area? Please, some of you should be smart and fast . Forget about Dery threats and curses, they are all empty. Pick his money, chop it and do the right thing for your people”.

The unprecedented difficulty in the confirmation of the representative of the president in Jirapa has created topics for discussions that have inundated all spaces. The former MP for the area, Honourable Dr. Francis Bawaana Dakurah is the latest political figure to make a public comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, the Jirapa Municipal Assembly is yet to set a date for the confirmation of the Honourable Nominee after she was renominated by President Nana Akuffo Addo on “reasonable grounds” after she was denied confirmation by at least 4 YES votes in both first and second round of voting.


One thought on “Dery is influencing the rejections of Jirapa MCE nominee – NDC Pundit

  1. When the unemployed seeks salvation under politics to survive s/he loses all the natural senses of reasoning as long as her/his daily bread is assured by such false powers. Such destitutes should not be in politics in my opinion.
    Hon Derigubaa does not depend on scrapes from politics or politicians and would stand by the truth and what is in the public interest.
    Does he need to be paid two thousand cedis to confirm a government nominee? Does he need to be knelt to before he is convinced a norminee is good for his constituency?
    If Bertrand has been taking his breakfast, lunch and super from the mce’s residence and she is now facing reconfirmation challenges obviously Bertrand’s livelihood is at stake and we should appreciate his destitution and find him alternative source of livelihood . He should not extend his practice and situation to our honorable assembly members.
    Unfortunately I know of school feeding program not feeding adults and such activity isn’t any of the functions or attributes of a good mce.
    Let us focus on the good work the mce has done for Jirapa during her almost five year’s stewardship and what her plans are to do more in the next three years. Anything outside this scope is waste of public money and time.
    In any case Hon Derigubaa has no vote in this exercise and should be left alone in his private life. No person is superior to God and only God’s wishes will reign at the end.
    What goes round comes round.


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