Sissala East: MUSEC engage parties in Welembelle Chieftaincy dispute

Wallembelle in the Sissala East Municipality

The Sissala East Municipal security council today Sunday visited Welembelle to engage factions that were involved in a shoot.

The Sissala East Municipal Chief Executive Mr Fuseini Yakubu disclosed that
“the team were here to sympathize with families affected by the gunshot,listen to the concerns of the people and hold deliberations with the security men keeping the peace in Welembelle”.

He condemned the decision to resort to violence and warned all those involved in disturbing the peace of the area will be dealt with according to the laws of the country ”

It followed a chieftaincy dispute between the Sukpariboi and the Kooboi section .
The team met both sections at a separate sessions where they appealed for calm among the residents.

The chair of MUSEC Mr Fuseini Yakubu admonished the people to maintain the peace of the area whiles steps are taken to bring lasting peace to Welembelle after listening to the concerns of all sides.

Source: Radford FM/Tumu

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