Boycott of Leo Market Cause Rush for Yam at Tumu Market

People Travel From Wa, Tumu to Leo Market

Scores of Burkinabes across Ghana’s Northern border invaded Tumu market and emptied the market of yams.
It got so serious that three tubers of yam that went for Ten cedis suddenly was sold for Twenty cedis.
The local yam that was sold for Five cedis also changed to Ten Cedis.
Some residents of Tumu who came to buy yam went home empty whilst some were unhappy with the situation after getting to know traders from Leo parked all the yam away including other cereals.
Madam Lardi Ruth who buys yam at Twenty Ghana Cedis every week said “I had to add extra money to buy what I normally buy”

Complaints of extortion of Ghanaian traders by their Burkinafaso security has led to a temporary withdrawal.

A custom transport agent based in Tumu Mr. Ajawo Mahmoud told RadfordFM in Tumu a week after the boycott that “I expect the boycott to be extended so that the market could be arranged to benefit Ghanaian.’

The Ghana Road Transport Union branch in Tumu with support from the Chiefs announced last week a boycott not to do business with Ghana’s Northern neighbor of Leo in Burkina Faso starting 6th October, 2021.

The action is expected to last for two weeks.

In a statement issued on Tuesday 5th October, 2021 by the Chairman of the GPRTU in Tumu, Alhaji Mahama Senjeh, the decision was reached after consultation with the business community from both the area and other traders from other regions of Ghana notably Techiman, Bono,Ahafo ,Wenchi and others.

“We have told the Police and the Paramount Chief of the area Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton |V of acts of extortion suffered by the Ghanaian business community in the hands of the security who will not listen to any explanation hence our decision to boycott the Leo market for the next two weeks”

The GPRTU chairman said “it is his hope the truck loads of goods and services that move in weekly through Tumu will all stay away from the Leo market to see whether we need each other or not”.

Over forty truck loads of goods and services use the Tumu border post weekly to transact cross-border businesses but the recent increase in taxes on goods and the accompanying disturbances by the Burkinafaso security on the Leo border has left many Ghanaians traders disappointed.

Leo is a commercial market center which market day starts from Wednesday to Saturday every week which is largely patronized by Ghanaian traders, is a distance of 18km from Tumu in Ghana.

Source: Radford FM

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