Wa: Two Suspected Thieves Nabbed for Stealing at Tampieni

Suspected thieves caught at Tampieni in the Wa Municipality

The Assembly Member for Dandafuro Electoral Area,  Hon. Soorinye Francis with the Support of Some Community Members have arrested two suspected thieves at Tampieni for stealing electricity wires belonging to the State.

Statement from the Assembly Member

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
Some where May, I posted these pictures on my wall and I informed the general public that, these boy went to Tampieni, a community within the Wa Municipality and stole the electric cables of an ongoing electricity project and they were arrested by the community members.
Kudos to the the youth of the community for their good work done.
The youth and the whole community expected the state to deal decisively with the suspects. These thieves were handed over to the police for prosecution. The families of these thieves intervaned and pleaded for out of court settlement. The project consultant was asked to bring an estimate of the materials stolen which amounted to 18,000gh.
The families paid 8,000 with 10,000gh outstanding. But due to the delayance in the payment of the outstanding balance, the police forwarded the case to the Wa circuit Court. These boys in their first appearance pleaded not guilty and swore that, the have never been to that community let alone to talk about stealing anything.
They were remanded and to appear on the 12th of October.
To our surprise, things were turned upside down. On the set date, the prosecuted was nowhere to be found. The state attorney was is required by law to advice the state was present in the court and virtually defending the boys.
This time round, they pleaded guilty.
One was said to be a minor and the other boy was fined some penalty units equivalent to 3,000gh.
This means, they have a change of 5,000gh to collect from their initial payment
The state attorney was conformable and the judge was equally conformable with the job they have executed for the state.
The community has spent monies on this case only to be served such injustice.
It must be on record that, this a state case but everything was left to the community to shoulder.
That is Wa for you. Are we promoting crime or we fighting crime.
Are we serving our personal interests or what??
“Tegyaaaboyeni” OK. This is the turn of Tampieni. Tomorrow, it will be a different community.
I am highly disappointed in the Wa circuit Court and the state attorney.
The community however, vowed to continue to protect the rest of the cables until they get their lights.
Thank you all.
God bless Tampieni

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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