Wa West MMDCE Nominee’s 5 Development Plans Revealed Ahead of his Elections

Mr. Bukari Ali is the Upper West Regional Communications Director of NPP

The Wa West District’s MMDCE Nominee,  Mr. Bukari Ali has been overheard outlining his plans for the District should he be voted into office as District Chief Executive. 

The 5 Plans he outlined according to the source which revealed it to Upper West Media Team were as follows.

Firstly,  the Nominee explained that he will begin a community Day SHS project at Nyoli in the Wa West District to Facilitate easy access to High School Education in the Area,  he added that the access to high school education within that area for communities such as Wicheau Bao,  Nyoli,  Ga,  Samanbo and Ponyentanga,  Tanina,  Meteo and many others has been a big issue.

Secondly,  The Nominee stated that he would bargain for a tollbooth to be mounted at Nyoli to increase Revenue Flow in the District,  he said the development will create more jobs for the youth within the stretch.

Thirdly,  the Nominee went further that he will establish a radio station in The Capital of the District to serve as a major communication tool for the district,  he said the Station will create jobs and spearhead development in the area.

Fourthly, the Nominee explained that he has made plans to partner with Yara fertilizer company limited to bring a sub production company to Wa West District,  he said the location to site it isn’t known yet but he added that the development will be discussed with some elders to get to a conclusion in order to make farming easier.

Lastly,  the Nominee concluded that 60% of Educational Scholarships will he given to the Birifors to further their Education,  he said he will make efforts to work hand in hand with the Member of Parliament to achieve that.

These were revealed by some group of people  within Wa West District he discussed it with.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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