Patient Allegedly Assaulted at Wa Municipal Hospital

Wa Municipal Hospital

A patient Mr. Braimah Mathew a politician and an Entrepreneur in his 40s was taken ill of severe body pains and spend the Christmas day at the Wa Municipal Hospital.

After today’s of admission, treatment and subsequently been discharge. He had a confrontation with the nurse’s, regarding infusion that was left. He insisted of carrying out drug’s including the infusions.

A health worker name given as (Alhaji) was invited by the nurse’s in the ward and after a continuous confrontation landed heavey blow’s on the patient and subjected him to beating and dragging. One can just imagine how a patient who is still under recovery and subjected to severe beating would be fairing.

The patients had no option than to surrender all the 12 pieces of his infusion and left the facility rejected.

The patient is still coughing and feeling pains. The CEO of Ideapath Consult saw the patient this afternoon 29th December, 2021 and with the patient consent had to make the story public.

Some media practitioners and NGOs have develope deep interest in the case and are weighing option to find justice to the abused victim.

The incident occurred in the evening ours of 28th December, 2021.

The patient can be reached on 0241507741.

More to follow soon.

Filed by
Tahiru Lukman

One thought on “Patient Allegedly Assaulted at Wa Municipal Hospital

  1. As a professional journalist, u don’t present this one sided story to your public. Ethics oh good journalism demands that you thoroughly investigate your story before you publish. Have you made any attempt to reach the said facility to hear there side of the story? Your write up sounds absurd. And may I remind you to proof read your stories next time to correct all errors to make reading pleasant


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