Man Found Dead in Upper West, Abandoned in the Bush by his Car[Photos]

Man Found Dead Between Kaleo and Loho

A Man believed to be in his mid 30’s has been found Dead on 30th December 2021 between Kaleo and Loho in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of Upper West Region.

The Victim wore a shorts and a t-shirt and was also in cross sandals when the police arrived at the scene, he drove in a black Kia car with Registration Number AS 2540 12. A bullet penetrated through the windscreen of his car.

According to a police officer who was explaining the development, he stated that the Victim had passed by the Loho Barrier at 6pm in the Night on the 29th and was later seen parked by the road side between Loho and Kaleo, according to the police, they later heard a sound but thought it was a car tyre that had exploded, he said it was after they visited the crime scene that they noticed and realised it was a gunshot. A Police stated that when drivers are told to stop in order to be escorted at knight, some resist the policy and these according to him are some of the outcomes.

Some Witnesses and observers also explained: Brian Kula: “that’s a brother I haven’t seen for a long time, I just heard the bad news. My condolences to my brothers n sisters. Evil begots evil, they will pay for such evil they committed. RIP bros”.

“Sunkari Justin he from kaleo we were all at wapaane, the mother(late) called kalebee poga. Hmm, I heard some one shot him with gun between kaleo n loho.”.

The Police have begun Investigation into the Development to come out clamp down on the miscreants.

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