Jirapa: ‘Jesus Christ’ Appeared Near Gbare – Lawyer Badombie

Lawyer Richard Badombie

The Assembly Member for Kuncheni Electoral Area in Jirapa in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Honourable Lawyer Richard Badombie has given an interesting narration about Dootaraa, a legend he described as “the Jesus Christ of the Donaale Clan”.

The Donaalee Clan among Dagaaba has a legend in their history who came to save them in much the same way that Jesus Christ came to save the Jews.

Find below the full narration given by the astute Lawyer.

“Dootaraa is the Jesus Christ of the Donaalee Clan.

According to legend, Dootaraa was not born of a woman. He arrived on the back of a donkey accompanied by a female believed to be his wife.

He came to save the Donaalee who were constantly under attack by neighbors and strangers. He is said to have started his conquest from Takpo, Nadowli, Tampala, Gbare, Kuncheni, Kuntulo (in Sissala West), Kong (in Sissala East), Lang ( a village at the Ghana-Burkina border) and into parts of Burkina Faso.

Everywhere he went, he settled some of the Donaalee there. So even today you will still find Donaalee in all the places I have mentioned.

From Burkina, he retraced his path till he got to Gbare and waited for some time to see if there would be further attacks on his people. There were no more attacks.

One day he told his people that he would return to his father in Heaven and that his people should call on him should they ever be attacked or should they ever need any form of assistance.

He drove his donkey to a rocky hill at Gbare, mounted it and invited his wife who was then sitting on the rock to join him.

The wife got up from the rock, sat behind him on the donkey and the donkey rose gently into space and has since not returned.

Dootaraa was not born of a woman and he never tasted death!

At Gbare today, his wife’s buttocks prints, the footprints of his donkey and his own finger prints can still be seen on the rock.”

Hon. Badombie said that after the return of Dootaraa, the people have been calling on his name for assistance.

According to Lawyer Badombie, the most remarkable of the assistance that the Donaalee received from Dootaraa came during the colonial days.

Lawyer Badombie told a corenews’ reporter that during the colonial days, the District Commissioner stationed at Lawra requested that a certain huge tree in Jirapa town be hewn down and brought to him in Lawra. This was meant as punishment to Naa Ganaa of Jirapa and his subjects. The tree was so huge that it was unimaginable how it would be cut down and taken from Jirapa to Lawra, a distance of over ten kilometers.

Naa Ganaa gave the task to the Chief and elders of Gbare.

The following morning, the District Commissioner woke up to meet two young boys standing by the huge tree which they had brought to him as requested. The baffled Commissioner asked how they brought the massive log but their response was, ” you asked for it and the elders said we should bring it. We have brought it. “

Asked how he got to know the history of this great man, Lawyer Badombie said he studied History from Secondary School to the University and that he obtained the information about the history of the Donaalee Clan of which he is a member from elders.

Lawyer Badombie also said other members of the Donaalee Clan can be found at Wogu, Nanvil, Mwaawaare, Domwin, Lisa, Nabiri etc.all in the Upper West Region.

Source: Sir Dicey Dakurah

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