UWM Awards: 2 Entertainment Show Hosts Lock Horns Over ‘Poor Dress Code’

Ike Gh(Left), Napolean Derry(Right)

The Upper West Music Awards was held on the 7th of January 2022. Few hours after the event, two entertainment show hosts of Radio Upper West and Radio Waa have gone wild on each other over the code of dressing allowed at events.

In 2021, the Entertainment Show host Of Radio Waa, Napoleon Derry referred to the choice of dressing people present at Programs as abysmal and not marketable, he sighted instances where people wear football jerseys to important shows such as music awards.

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The Development did not down well with Entertainment host of Radio Upper West, Ike who replied Napolean after several months.

“Nega still dey talk about dressing 🤣🤣Common Fanco MC, u dress like “kpibii”. The event is an entertainment event, not a church service!. I don’t know why that dude can’t just learn! Something Wicked awards should just award him ” Nkwasia Entertainment Critic of The Year” the only guy that talks about things he can’t do! Yet they ain’t true! …………🤣Must we get something to lie about??? As an entertainment person as u claim, what is your contribution to this from the beginning to the end?? We ain’t wasting time on nonsense this year ooo😉”

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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