Almost 70% of young men and women in Wa central have been spotted and reported having weapons within them when moving.

These weapons include knives, scissors, screw drivers and locally manufactured guns.

When one of these young men was interviewed[name withheld] he boldly said ” We move with them to protect ourselves, our  lives are very important to us and we’ve noticed that the police or security forces are only good at collecting motorbikes without registration numbers whilst people are robbed daily and their hard earned income taken without any measures being taken we’ll keep the weapons till something is done”.

Asked if the weapon was registered, he responded ‘NO’.

Other surveys conducted indicated most of these people use such weapons to attack vulnerable people and take away their belongings some of these victims attacked include people who traveled into the town and arrived late midnight at the market square without any means of transportation to their final destinations.

Credit: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

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