Dauda Konateh – Arijanah Lorry [U/W Music] Mp3

Dauda Konateh’s first Album was released in 2006 and was a hit in upper West Region. It made him very popular for the information his songs carried. This song is not left out. Arijanah lorry was recorded in Waali, a local language in upper west meaning “The journey to the promised land. You can download…

Kojo Bangee – Sageetegei [U/W Music] mp3

This is a very informative sound track by Kojo Bangee, he calls this Sageteegei meaning “Understand” is about life and how we perceive it. It was recorded in a local Language of Upper west, Dagaari. You can download it below: [Download] – Credit: u/w Music/Upperwestmedia.net

Diana – Pogepaala Mp3[u/w Music]

This is an old song from the dagaati music legend who sings in waali. She calls this one pogepaala, a timeless classic that means “newly wedded wife.” You can download the song below: [Download] – Credit: u/w Music/Upperwestmedia.net

Raphius – Dogori(Family) [U/WMusic].

Raphius Amigos Of Upper West Pride Records, Released This Years Ago Titled |”Dogori”.  Which Says A lot About Family and how unreliable it can be. It Was Recorded In The Local Language Of Upper West People, Waali/Dagaari. Get It For Your Entertainment. Thank U/W Music Later. [Download] – Source: U/W Music/Upper West Media