UW: Full List of Abductions and Killings From 2021 Till Today

More than 5 Security Man Disappeared in Unforseen Circumstances

Several Issues of Abduction and Killings have occured within the Wa Municipality and other Parts of the Region resulting in fear and panick amongst several People in the Upper West Region and Beyond.

The Records of People Declared Missing have been gathered and it’s interesting to Know that an issue has also been recorded in Wa East District As Well, the issue occured between Jeyiri and Kulkpong in Wa East confirmed by Unit Committee Member know as Iddrisu Ali in March 2022.

All Records Gathered By Upperwestmedia Team Below:

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1st Issue in 2022, January 20, Man found Dead Around Kambali Maxixco Gardens, Name(Bashit) Kambali Assembly Man claims he is a Suspected criminal(Sustained deep cuts on lower limbs and fingers).

2nd Issue: Tuesday, 1st March 2022, Man Found Dead between Jeyiri and Kulkpong in Wa East by Unit Committee Member by Name Iddrisu Ali. Items found with the Deceased were Knife, Broken Clay Pot, Pair of Trousers, Round Neck  T-shirt, Tracksuit, Rubber Sandals, 2 Lace Shirts and Ghc10.

3rd Issue: Occured 17th April 2022 At High Ranking International School, Dramani was killed with parts missing.He is a native of Loho but settled on Kumbiehi.

Police have visited the crime scenes to Investigate

4th Issue: An Elderly Man Believed to be within the Ages of 35-38 has gone missing in Wa. The last time he left he was on 25th April 2022. Mohammed is from Goripie and has Three wives and 7 Children. [Read Story]

5th Issue: 16th of June 2022, Man Found Buried with parts missing at T.I Ahmadiyya JHS on Bamahu Stretch.

6th Issue: On July 31st 2022, A security Man who was employed to oversee two storey buildings was found dead with parts missing including his heart according to the Police Commander, Name: Mumuni Jatoe, Aged 62.

7th Issue: Security Man was declared Missing by Police Along the Nakore Road on 23rd August 2022. Name Yahaya Alhassan Aged 68. He has since not been found.

8th Issue: Mad Man Declared Missing By BAHASS Foundation on 4th of September 2022. According to the Director, Mr. Yussif Baba, he could not trace the Mentally Deranged Haki Bayelkebe. Some Individuals affirmed adding that the last time they saw him was 3 months Ago. [Read Story]

9th Issue: Friday 9th September 2022, Occured at Child Support Ghana Orphanage Home. He escaped death narrowly after a woman shouted. He is Currently at the Upper West Regional Hospital Receiving Treatment.

10th Issue: Occured Sunday 11th September 2022 at Star Standards International School within Napogebakolee. He has been kidnapped. Name: Kwame Badigbee.

11th Issue: 16th September 2022(Kidnapped at Noor Ventures, Close to Wa Technical Institute) Name, Seidu Dakpuli.

12th Issue: 20th September 2022, It Occured close to Wa SHS and within the New Uncompleted Structure of Wa Municipal Assembly. Several Delicate parts including Kidney, Heart, Liver, Scrotum, Penis were taken away.

Also in 2021

1st Issue: February 2021 (A Man by Name Kojo Kunta AKA Ogyam was killed infront of Info Radio).
2nd Issue Mother and child found dead in a nearby bush at Loho.The woman was aged about 45, while the child was aged about four years.

Mr Benjamin Kobina Kunfiri Bukari, the Assembly Member for Loho Electoral Area, said two women went to the bush on Friday evening to fetch firewood.

3rd Issue:A Man was killed between Loho and Kaleo in the Nadowli-Kaleo District on 31st December 2021.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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