MP for Nandom (left), Maxwell Kabir (Right)

The Member of Parliament for the Nandom Constituency, Ambrose Dery (MP) sponsored 3 Surgical Procedures performed On Maxwell Kabir from NANDOM-Domangye at the Ridge Hospital,Accra.

Maxwell Kabir a 5year old boy was born without anus (IMPERFORATE ANUS) and has lived with this condition since birth. When this came to the attention of the MP, he devoted his resources to ensuring that this condition is corrected for the child to live a normal life. The first and second procedures ie Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty (PSARP) & Rectourethral Fistula Repair were successfully done in May to create an ANUS and also allow urine and fecal matter to pass through nature’s pathway respectively. The third procedure ie Colostomy Closure was done successfully early this month to close the temporary passage for fecal matter and to also allow child pass fecal matter through nature’s designed passage. Child has successfully recovered after Surgery & has been discharged. child can now pass fecal matter through his anus,there are also no incidence of traces of both fecal matter and urine through the anus or penis .

Hitherto, the parents of the child were pessimistic about the future of their promising Son because of his condition. With gratitude the parents expressed their appreciation to the MP for his kind gesture and life changing opportunity granted their Son. Being privy to the circumstances that led to the surgery I wish to use this opportunity to encourage all Nandome to continue to offer their support in diverse ways to Ambrose Dery (MP). He is indeed God sent.

Bomeh Gordon Brown

Department Of Surgery,Ridge Hospital,Accra.

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