Assembly Member of Varimpere To Charge Sex Maniacs

The Assembly Member for Varimpere Electoral Area, Hon. Nicholas Gyirikar has bemoaned the rate at which school girls get pregnant lately in Varimpere Community.

Speaking to Upper West PR TV few weeks ago, the Assembly Bi Law Maker expressed worry with the Development indicating that measures have been put in place in partnership with the Wa West District Assembly to charge men involved in the practice.

“I’ll urge the PTA to take good care ofour students most especially the girls, people come from several areas and get our girls pregnant, if we set out to instill discipline it becomes a problem, if we want the right thing to be done there has to be Unity between teachers, unit committe and Assembly Members, I’m a Native of Bungberi, in our school no one gets a girl child pregnant and goes free, Four people got students pregnant and were taken on, we charge Ghc1000 and a sheep if you get a child pregnant, the Assembly is Aware, I’m advocating for such a policy to be implemented in Varimpere, if that is done the girl child will have a successful Education…”

Varimpere Methodist primary school has a student population of 406 from kg to primary 6.

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Parent Teachers Association(PTA) of Varimpere Methodist Primary School Donated 77 Dual Desks on 21st January 2023 to the School.


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