The Wa Community Development Vocational/Technical School is in dire need of a functional and reliable source of potable water to meet growing demand.
At present, the daily ritual of students either queuing in front of an old borehole in the school or carrying jerry-cans and gallons walking long distances in search of water has become a matter of concern to not only the students but also the teachers living within the school campus.
Expressing their frustrations to the Ghana News Agency in front of a rusted borehole on campus, the students said the situation sometimes “breeds petty squabbles among themselves as they struggle to beat time for classes”.
“The situation is also impacting negatively on our studies and called for help from government and benevolent organisations to address the water challenge”, the students said.
Ironically, just close to the old borehole is another borehole which looked much newer but has broken down for many months.
Madam Mary Nuorbesier, Headmistress of the school, said the frequent breakdown of the boreholes especially the one that was a bit new has become a burden on the school in terms of cost of repair.
She said there are plans to convert one of the boreholes into a mechanized borehole to relieve the students from the struggle of pumping but the absence of funds has not led to the fruition of the goal.
Madam Nuorbesier said the little support the school used to get from the Wa Municipal Assembly was not forthcoming following the merging of the Departments of Social Welfare and Community Development.
Madam Mary said authorities at the Assembly claim the school was no longer under the Assembly, hence its inability to assist the school.
She said at present, the school needed a boys’ dormitory and some classroom infrastructure as its population had increased to more than 300 students.
The Headmistress said the school regardless of whatever alignment is still a government school and pleaded for assistance from the Municipal Assembly and other benevolent institutions to address its challenges.
She appealed to government to pay attention to the other Vocational and Technical Schools that were not under the GES for a holistic development of vocational and technical education in the country.