We shall work for Roads Improvement in the Upper West – Chinnia

The Deputy upper west regional minister Hon. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku has allayed fears they “as leaders of the area would not sit unconcerned when resources of the state are shared without allocation to their areas, he explained that there exist urban roads, highways and feeder roads at the road ministry and works are given based on the existing problem adding that these are solely for potholes patching in some selected areas and others will come soon”.

It follows a publication on the Citifmonline portal Tuesday that suggested several districts of the upper west region had not been captured for patching of roads identified as ‘bad’ and deplorable. The report that said Sissala East and West, Wa East and West districts are missing out on list of awarded 253 roads published for repairs across the country which are believed to be in deplorable condition was received with rage on RadfordFM Masie Breakfast Show as callers expected to see potholes in the area captured for attention. Hon. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku on RadfordFM Masie states, that he believes there are other projects the Ghana highway authority and feeder road would rollout subsequently and some roads in the above mentioned districts will be captured despite the fact that the list published did not include any of the above mentioned. He said the lists published are existing tarred major highways that have developed potholes and minor problems and however, assured that they are making efforts to ensure their own people gets their share of development in the region. He expressed that it would be sad for such a good project to take off and you don’t find your region or district among the beneficiaries and ask for the public be patient with the government whilst they work to improve every part of Ghana, ‘otherwise what pride do we have as leaders from the Sissala area, stating that he would consult the minister of high way in that regard for further information’.

Credit: Radford Fm


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