5 Bye-Elections To Hit NPP -Islamic Cleric Predicts


Islamic cleric, Numerologist, Philosopher and acclaimed spiritual hacker who is globally known for his accurate predictions and prophesies on both local and international fronts says there will be a “bye-election” within NPP parliamentarians.

According to Mallam Shamuna Ustarz Jibreel, a total number of “five [5]” bye-elections will hit the Nana Addo-led government to fill elected offices that will soon become vacant.

In an interview with Peacefmonline.com, the spiritual soothsayer explained that, “the bye-elections will take place in the following regions; Northern, Upper East, Ashanti and Eastern Region to the best of my Spiritual Knowledge, Ashanti Region will experience two bye-elections with one each in the rest of the regions mentioned above”.

“Besides, these elections will happen as a result of socio-political spiritual interventions. Some social and political inconveniences will result to the elections and other spiritual interventions as well.”

He added that “Out of the five bye-elections that will take place, NPP will record one seats and NDC will record three seats. CPP will also pull a surprise”.


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