Wa Central : MTTU, MASLOC out on Operation

The wa central MTTU has started arresting and charging riders in wa central for not registering their Motobikes.
This started after several calls that alleged stolen bikes have flooded the town. Some of the bikes have no registration and customs duty papers and yet are ploughing the roads.
Residents of wa have complained of how their motorbikes are being stolen without any serious measures taken to curb these miscreants from the act.

The wa central MTTU has placed a penalty on people who fail to register their motorbikes and yet roam in town.
Motorbikes caught with a registration number would face court proceedings and fined Ghs300 after which the owner would have to register the Motorbike at the Driver And vehicle Licensing Authority before the motobike handed over to he/she.

Those with tricycle s popularly known as camboo would also pay a penalty of Ghs600 if caught in the crime of not registering their tricycles..
MASLOC personnel have started seizing tricycles from owners who have failed to conform with deposit agreements made between them and the company.
Tricycle owners are expected to pay a daily charge of Ghs 50.00 which some are reluctant to pay.

Credit: Upperwestmedia.net


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