We won’t Go – Traders Resist Relocating to Chere Road.

Wa Central market has for the past week been unstable as market men and women are against relocating to the partially constructed market on the Chere road in wa central district.
According to the traders, they weren’t preinformed to be aware of the compelling decision that occurred all of a sudden. they also agitated that the market was incomplete and a lot of work needs to be done there before they can think of relocation.
Some camboo drivers and truck drivers spotted at the old market had their vehicle tires pierced with knives by policemen which they described as careless and ignorant.
One of the witnesses we interviewed by name Nandong Suraj said “our leniency in this region has been taken for granted, this can’t happen in Tamale, how can you destroy a vehicle tire purchased with so much money all in the name of a trader refusing to relocate, why don’t you proceed to court, what if you are charged in court by the victim, this is happening because the victims involved are not educated, the MCE should be up on his feet and let’s do things right”.
Some market women have also complained that they were asked to buy building materials to complete some portions of the new market themselves.

Credit: Upperwestmedia.net


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