Convert Wa Polytechnic to Technical University – Wa Naa

The Paramaunt chief For Wa in the Upper West, Naa Fuseini Pelpuo has pleaded with Government to Convert Wa Polytechnic to a Technical University. He said this During the celebration of the Dumba festival in Wa attended by some government officials including The Wa Central MCE Issahaku Tahiru, Regional Minister Ahaji Alhassan Sulemana et al.
He highlighted on the impact of the convention by saying if this is done more knowledge and human resources would be trained to fit into the job market for productivity to increase.
Dumba was finalized on 7th of December after Naa Fuseini Pelpuo successfully crossed over a cow as Tradition Demands signifying a bright and prosperous future ahead.

Out of 10 polytechnics 8 have been converted with the exception of Wa and Bolga Polytechnics.



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