Radio Waa Misquoted Ali Kamara – Hanif Jaoto PRO


The attention of the office of the Wa Central Constituency Chairman has been drawn to an article written by Hafiz Timbile Adams a radio presenter at Radio Waa 92.1 which was published on their face book page on Thursday 18th January, 2018. The office first of all wants to seize the opportunity to thank the radio station for giving chairman the chance to speak through their media house in order to correct certain negative impressions in the minds of some few people. We however do have some few reservations on the caption of the said article, “I didn’t campaign for the NPP PC- Constituency chairman disclosed”. With the greatest of respect to the writer and the radio station, we felt the heading was taken out of context.
In relation to paragraph one of the said article which reads “ the Wa central constituency chairman of the governing new patriotic party(NPP), Mr. Ali Kunsaanpuo Kamara, has revealed that he never campaigned for the NPP parliamentary candidate (PC), Alhaj Issahaku Tahiru Moomin, in the run up to the 2016 general elections. According to him, winning the National Election for the NPP as a party was his utmost concern and not the Parliamentary seat”. With all due respect to the writer, the office believes that the writer could not have taken all words from Chairman Kamara but we again felt that the said paragraph did not carry the exact meaning from what Chairman said. Listening to the program, a direct question was put to him whether he campaigned for the NDC Parliamentary Candidate as rumoured by some people. His response was that “I never campaigned for Hon. Rashid Pelpuo and I never stood on any platform with the then MCE to campaign against my PC. My PC neglected me and was running a parallel campaign with me, believing that I chairman kamara could not help him to win the elections. All campaign resources were given to him and he never disclosed anything to me, therefore I also decided to campaign for the party to win which was my utmost responsibility as the constituency chairman and that effort has given him the office he is occupying today”.
The office wants to conclude by saying that, this rejoinder is neither to discredit the effort of the writer nor the reputation of the highly revered radio station but the office believes that for records sake this few misrepresentations should be corrected. Once again thank you for the opportunity.

……………………………………… Office of Chairman Kamara
Hanif Jaoto


One thought on “Radio Waa Misquoted Ali Kamara – Hanif Jaoto PRO

  1. Very good, I think Radio Waa has thrown their credibility away buy allowing their media house to be used as a conduit to push an agenda of some scrupulous people withing the NPP Wa central constituency.
    I know very well that they will not succeed on this endeavor. But to the then PC, he should know very well that, that the office he is occupying has been occupied by some people before him and surely he is going to leave that office in sha Allah even before 2020.


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