The Upper West Regional Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Mr. Evans Kpebaa has disclosed that the Eremon Senior High/Technical School which was closed down about three weeks ago is set to reopen on Monday, 19th February, 2018.

Speaking to Salifu Wononuo, Thursday, on Radio Waa late afternoon show, Yelikaabaahi, Mr. Kpebaa said the decision was reached after the committee established to probe the incident completed and submitted its report through him to the GES Headquarters.

According to the director, each student will pay an amount of eighty-five Ghana cedis (GHS 85.00) to offset the damages that were caused. It is however not clear as to the extent and the value of the damages, but every student is expected to pay the mandatory charge as they return to the school. The students will also sign a Bond of good behaviour with their parents upon resumption.

Mr. Kpebaa said the GES will continue to engage the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) of the school to ensure that there is smooth running of the school.
Eremon SHS closed down
It will be recalled that on the 28th of January, 2018 the Eremon Senior High/Technical School was closed down indefinitely after students engaged in rioting the following night which resulted in damages to school properties. Among the properties destroyed included the school’s borehole, grinding mill, louvre blades to classrooms and others. A teacher was also beaten by the students on the night of the riot.

According to reports the violence broke out as a result of denying students entertainment on the night of Saturday, February 27. On the heat of the riot the police were invited to calm down the situation which made many students to flee the campus before the official closure.
Following the incident the regional director visited the school to ascertain what really happened. After satisfying himself with the true state of events a five-member committee was set up to investigate the situation and find out what caused the riot.

Eremon Senior High/Technical School is a mixed school located in the Lawra District of the Upper West Region. It has a student population of 1,136 after one student is reported dead during the three weeks closure. It is alleged that the death resulted from the riot, but the regional education director has denied this allegation, stating that the student died while at home hence the death could not be linked with the violent demonstration.

By: Radio Waa