Upper West Music Industry will Keep Struggling – Quanta

Afro pop singer and rapper Quanta born Mohammed Masahudu from wa has expressed pity for the music industry we have in the Region.
He describes the industry as gifted but lacking certain requirements to make it get to the level targeted.
“Big problems have been facing the industry, no unity amongst artistes and lack of proper management have affected the industry negatively for a very long time. People are not willing to invest in the music industry.”
To throw more light, Quanta said the young and upcoming artistes instead of focusing on studies rush into music “the upcoming artistes today have nothing motivating them except women and to show off. Talent is a key requirement.”
Upperwestmedia.net asked if language was a hindrance to upper west music travelling far, Quanta Disagreed with the point stating that Ghanaians patronize Nigerian music with foreign languages they don’t understand.

Quanta is an artiste based in Upper West Region, he blends so many languages in his raps, mostly Twi, waali, and English.
Quanta is a teacher by profession and does music at his leisure time to entertain his followers.
He has released songs like Nnugna(my love), Pretty Lady, Bend down low featuring Sypha and Till you go.

By: Upperwestmedia.net


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