Hafiz Bin Salih ‘Likely’ To Succeed Alhassan Sulemana as Regional Minister

Hafiz Bin Salih earlier in the week stepped down from the New Patriotic Party’s Chairmanship race for personal reasons he opted not to disclose.

Hafiz Bin Salih

Upperwestmedia.net has monitored the issue closely and was informed Bin Salih was proposed to succeed Suspended Upper West Regional Minister Alhaji Alhassan as the next regional Minister. Efforts to lobby for the return of the Minister has fallen to death ears thereby compelling the regional executives to get a different person to replace the Suspended Minister.
Hafiz Bin Salih was allegedly proposed as the next likely to succeed the seat of the Minister.
According to the Party’s constitution, a member can’t handle two positions in the party, he or she has to resign from the other.
Furthermore the Regional Minister slot is reserved for the Regional Chairman till he decides otherwise.

Party followers have suggested since the party came into power, the Ahmadiyyas have not been given a public positions to occupy thereby compelling the executives to act accordingly. Hafiz has been a committed follower of the current regional Chairman Alhaji Abubakari also known as Short.

By: Upperwestmedia.net


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